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“We are  happy with your translations, keep up the good work.”  
-Grant Norman

Welingo Translation Center is a leading Chinese translation agency based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with over hundreds of satisfied clients throughout mainland china, and an increasing number of foreign based clients in various parts of the world.

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Through a closely integrated combination of our own in-house translators and our extensive network of local and overseas freelance professional translators, we are able to deliver results of the highest quality in any language and any industry vertical needed.

Our translators contribute essential linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to our every process. It is our job and responsibility to ensure that each and every translation conforms fully to the expectations of the client and the target audience, not only in terms of quality and accuracy, but also in terms of the right ‘look and feel’ of the product.

Welingo Translation is fully committed to creating the strongest possible language team. Over 80% of our translators are native speakers and the rest, qualified professionals with many years of translating experiences. Our recruitment process is designed to identify only the right people with the right skills for our team to ensure that only the most qualified professionals work on your projects.

Our translation team has the expertise, experience and flexibility to meet all of today’s linguistic requirements and challenges.

Your success is our achievement.
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